Doug Ramage Ministries

USA Evangelism since 1989


Ministry Questions

  1. What is your home church?

    I am a member of Gospel Baptist Church in Gibsonville North Carolina. The Pastor is Ken Goins.

    Church Phone: 336-584-1593

    Tax deductible donations to this ministry may be made through my home church and they will forward the donation to me.

  2. What does it cost for having Doug come to your church

    A: Doug is not at liberty by the Lord to set a fee for a local church but requests a love offering plus expenses for travel, lodging and meals. The cost for a concert will be a flat rate that can be determined when you call Doug for more information.

    For the past 25 years, this ministry has operated entirely by faith, trusting the Lord to meet the financial needs we have. This ministry's budget for 2014 averages to $800 per week and covers Insurance, Mortgage, Gasoline, Food, Travel and car repairs.

  3. How can Doug minister to my church?

    A: Doug is gifted to meet any music ministry needs that a church may have. He is able to do concerts, direct choirs or lead in congregational worship preceding the message. He will minister to a church through revival preaching or a special emphasis Sunday.

  4. Which Bible do you use?

    The Authorized King James Version, and he believes it to be God's preserved word without error.

    "I study from it and I preach from it. I do not recommend any other version of the Bible."

    "I strive to read the bible through every year. I encourage everyone to read the bible through at least once in their life."

  5. What are some things your believe about Jesus Christ?


    1. He was virgin born
    2. He had a sinless life and a substitutionary death
    3. He had a bodily resurrection and is alive today
    4. He had a physical ascension
    5. He offers present intercessory works today
    6. He will soon return for every born again christian
    7. He is the ONLY way to God and to Heaven


  6. How should a Christian Live?

    I believe a Christian should live holy. I believe in Bible separation and we should honor God with our lives.

    I believe that sin in the believers life grieves the Holy Spirit.

  7. What are you views on Revival?

    Revival comes from prevailing prayer and confession of sin. It is a work of God on behalf of His people.

  8. Describe your views of the local Church

    The local church is God's agency for getting the job done for Him in this age.

  9. What is your view on Salvation?

    Salvation is by grace and grace alone. I believe Jesus died for the sin's of the whole world, but a person has a choice to reject this salvation or say yes to Jesus and ask Him into their heart. I asked Jesus to save me when I was 10 years old. I believe every person, regardless of who they are, must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.

  10. What is your belief about God?

    I believe in a Triune God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

    God is Omnipotent: that is, He is all powerful.

    God is Omnicient: that is, He knows everything about everybody.

    God is Omnipresent: that is, He is everywhere at the same time.

    God is NOT Mohammed, Buddha or Confuscious.

  11. How about giving?

    I believe that God blesses sacrificial and obedient giving. Without people who give to this ministry, we could not exist.

    My tithe and offerings go to the local church for it's operation and sending out the gospel.

    My service is to the local church for its growth and encouragement of the saints of God.

  12. Do you believe in soul-winning?

    I believe that soul-winning and witnessing are a privilege of every born again believer.

    Telling people about Jesus Christ is an important part of Evangelism.

  13. What type of music do you perform

    I sing a southern gospel, traditional style of gospel music. Think back to 1950 - 1970's gospel music and you will have my style down in your mind. 

    I will sometimes use a soundtrack as I play the piano. Sometimes all I use is a soundtrack, but this is rare. God gave me a talent at the piano and I enjoy using it for His glory and honor. If your church doesn't use soundtracks (and there are some), please let me know. All of my songs can be played at the piano, too.

    Audience participation is often used in my ministry in the form of sing-a-longs.

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